Tuesday, November 22, 2011

To renew a license in Austin I would need to take exam?

I just moved from Idaho and my driver's license is not yet expired. But I need to renew my license here in Austin within 30 days.

Do I still need to take a written or computer exam?

What should I expect?|||I just did this a few years ago when I moved here... I don't remember having to re-take the written exam. Just eye exam, picture taking, showing them i.d., and relinquishing my non-texas drivers license.

Also, if you are wanting to go out to a 21+ venue here, make sure you time it right (unless you have a passport or something), because you'll be stuck with just a paper license for a couple of weeks, and nobody will accept that at bars and the like.

Just FYI.

http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/ - but it looks like their website is down.|||its just a written test and a eye exam and make sure you show proof of your ss birth certificate and you will have to surrender you old drivers lisence

Why did a liberal crash his plane into a building in liberal Austin Texas today?

Now do Democrats understand just how destructive they are to our way of life?

Palin was right, Obama and the Dems pal around with terrorists, like the Austin terrorist who likely voted for Obama, fact.|||The Echelon Building in Austin houses an IRS Office, among other things.

I bet a shiny Buffalo Nickel the pilot was a crazed, Tea-Bagger.|||I just want to know how many days will 0bama wait to address this one? Will he be as quick as he was with Ft. Hood (what was that 3 days?) or will he be as quick as he was when his friend Professor Gates was arrested (a few hours)??? Will he give 3 minutes of "shout outs" before he addresses the issue? Or will he say the fire department "acted stupidly".|||If it was indeed a liberal, then obviously, it was a mile-high club initiation gone bad.|||If you hate us so much, how about growing some balls and doing something about it?

We're daring you, chicken.|||Oh, stop. Let's get the facts first, please.|||Where exactly does it say he was a Liberal?|||Yes... give in to your hatred... kill your father.

:/|||Was the plane liberal too?|||No matter what happens, it's all the fault of liberals...got it.

(Rolls eyes)|||It's not dems or repubs or conservs or libs, it's a third party that controls both sides. Did it ever occur to you that Obama is doing just what Bush would have done, if he had continued being the prez? And by dividing and keeping us fighting with political factions like libs and convervs, dems and repubs, they keep us distracted off of them. It's the old SOP of "divide and conquer."|||Liberal? He's probably more of an anarchist, and if anything spent most of his letter ranting about stereotypical teabagger conserns (not to mention that he crashed into an IRS BUILDING, in liberal Austin, and during a democrat presidency that has has caused all kinds of crazy [even violent] right-wing rage).

All the conservitive media has done for a good year is wide-spread doomsaying and fearmongering, and I would bet that he is a product of this .. even if he does not follow all their dogma to a key.|||I think this one truly was some guy who hated the IRS. I don't think it was driven by him being a liberal or conservative, and I don't think he was directed by anyone. This is the problem with having 10 mass shootings in a year, and all of this other crazy stuff that happens. There are a lot of people in this country, and when people see all of these acts of violence, some of them are going to do things like we saw today.

If you read the suicide note, you can tell this is a very complex guy. He didn't seem crazy, but he believed there was some type of conspiracy with the tax code. Personally, I have a decent understanding of the federal tax code, and I have no idea what he was talking about. He felt their was a conspiracy for rich people to hide money through churches, and that churches shouldn't be tax exempt. This country has got some problems, but the tax code being written to help rich people is not one of them. You could argue that some rich people avoid paying taxes through offshore accounts and other means, but with progressive tax rates rich people clearly pay a higher percentage of taxes than everyone else. This guy was just trying to blame his problems on somebody.

He did seem like a Democrat, but this seemed like an attack against the federal government, and specifically the IRS.|||"Austin terrosist who LIKELY voted for Obama, FACT". That's a fact is it? Did you look up his voting record? Maybe he didn't vote at all, or voted for an independent or someone from another party. It may be hard to believe but more people run for president than two. I can't blame you for not knowing that since the others don't have a lot of money you ******* republicans love so goddamn much. I think it's safe to assume you're republican since you are regurgitating something like what someone like Bill O'Reily would say. He mentions some things in his letter that are right, and that the presidents are puppets. This makes leaves me to believe he wasn't democrat or republican but something else. I would say fact, but I actually know what that word means so I'll refrain.

WHat the **** is wrong with all everyone? Liberal this and conservative that. You sound like a bunch of 12 year old, girly, Twilight fans.

The dude never said he as a democrat. He never said he was a liberal, which believe it or not, are not the same thing. He could have been a republican for all we know, he was afterall, a business man. He didn't say and his anger was directed at problems he had from personal experience.

Get over yourselves, not everything is so goddamn black and white. I understand that when Bush was in office, everyone jumped all over republican conservatives cases about everything. Now the same is happening on the opposite, it never ends. Democrats are more likely to be liberal, but geez I'm sick of everyone throwing that term around without even knowing the definition of a liberal. You look ignorant and all you who respond in agreement sound like sheep. Baaaah mother *******.|||Stop putting this man and this incident into categories. Just take it as a severely misled man who made a horrible decision and put lives in limbo as a result. Horrible incident, Horrible man -nothing more,nothing less

How Much of The First Austin Powers is Edited for Content on FX?

I recorded the first Austin Powers Movie on FX and I want to know how much of it they edit and cut out. Do they take out any good parts or good jokes?|||Yes since the whole point of the movie is over the top raunchy jokes a lot was cut and censored so at lleast a third of the jokes and scenes were hard to understand and cut.

What is the best area to live in Austin, TX?

I'll be relocating from NYC to Austin, TX. Please tell me what is the best area to raise a family in Austin, preferebly not too far from Downtown. Also how much do you pay for car insurance there(Toyota Prius) ? Thank you.|||I have been living in Austin for around 5 years, and I moved from Maryland. I prefer south Austin, but each area has it's over personality. Avoid living east of I35 if you can. South is more laid back, North is more upscale and dressy. Central Austin is expensive. But no matter where you live, you will be 5-15 minutes away from down town, so you are never really very far.

As for car insurance, if varies by provider.|||I know I'm not exactly answering your questions completely, but I will tell you what I know. My brother-in-law and his wife have lived in the Austin area for several years. They moved to a little suburb called Kyle. They apparently enjoy living there because they have been there for at least four years. They have bought a nice house in a nice sub-addition and have had their first child just this passed December. She drives into Austin for work everyday, so that tells you it's not too far away. Personally, I'd opt for a place outside of the city. I'm not a "City Gal". Being from where you're from, you might not mind living in the city. My husband and I have visited Kyle; it seems like a nice little community.|||look for a realtor. ask about the location|||I'm a Realtor in Austin if you want a relocation booklet let me know, I would be happy to help. I can get you info on schools too.

What kind of neighborhood is Virginia College in Austin in?

I want to go into the Sonography program, but the only 2 schools I've found in Austin are Austin Community College and Virginia College. I saw ACC's Eastview campus (the only campus that offers the Sonography program) and it's in a pretty ghetto neighborhood, which makes me uncomfortable. Is Virginia College the same way? Is it worth my time to go up there?|||You are better off at the Eastview campus area than the Virginia College area. Trust me, I work for the Austin PD, I can tell you much more crime happens around where Virginia College is than Eastview. The good thing about Austin is though, there are many bus routes that head to the ACC campuses. If you don't plan on driving, there are routes coming from everywhere. Good luck!

P.S. Virginia College credits don't transfer to a University in case you ever wanted to continue your education. ACC's do.

How much an hour do you need to make to live in Austin or Dallas?

I am about fed up with how expensive CA is and need to leave! Plus this state is broke! I have heard how affordable it is out it TX. How much would I need to make an hour to survive in TX? Particularly, in the Austin area or Dallas area. Would 10.25 be enough? Oh yeah, I am 24, single and no kids. Thanks!|||Texas is much more affordable than Florida and California. That does come at a price, it's pretty boring in TX. I'd say to survive an OK life maybe $12.50 or $13 in the city maybe a dollar cheaper in a suburb like Denton or Flower Mound. It's a pretty confusing question cause it depends on how you live. I think $10.25 would give you a small apartment in the city with a little spending- pretty hard. I'd say to live frugally $12.50 in the city. Suburb houses are cheap! You can get a great deal right now!To live comfortably, ideally you should make around $14.50 in the city, maybe $13.75 in the suburbs.

Good Luck|||To compare between two different places like CA vs somewhere in Texas, I would use PayScale.com's Cost of Living calculator:


I think it would also be best for you to live in DALLAS vs Austin -- Austin is generally a bit more expensive since it is so close to the capitol and generally a cleaner place. Dallas isn't horrible. I would say live in Irving, which is a great place, way safer than Dallas (1 murder, if that, a year in Irving, vs one every other day, and I'm not exaggerating), and close to everything! Hope that link helps.|||If you live frugally and work 40 hours a week, $10.25 should be enough. It depends on if you want to live with a roommate or alone. I have friends with 1 bedroom apartments for as little as $550 a month (keep in mind that this is in Dallas proper - the actual city part of the city - not Dallas county), and I have friends who pay a lot more. I live in a cute 1920's duplex in the historical district and my half of the rent is only $475 plus bills. I have one roommate.|||That's a hard question for someone to answer since we don't know what other bills you have. The links below are "Cost of Living Calculators" where you can enter your expenses in the calculator to see how much it would cost to live in any city or metropolitan area in the U.S.. They are very useful and fun tools.


http://swz.salary.com/costoflivingwizard鈥?/a>|||Well at 24 in Dallas you should be looking at an annual salary and not an hourly wage. Minimum 24K or 2,000.00. a month before taxes.

Estimated median household income in 2007: $40,986

Estimated per capita income in 2007: $26,298

Median gross rent in 2007: $737.

A ton of other information at the link. Found this one looking for a farm.|||About 25% more than what you can get. You could do okay on 10.25 if you ride a bus to work.

How long does it take to get an acceptance letter from UT Austin?

I applied as a transfer student for the Fall of 2010 in the school of liberal arts. I sent my application January 13, 2010 and my resume and transcripts January 16, 2010. Still no word. I have a 4.0, am in Honors Society, do volunteer work, had great letters of rec, am transferring from Austin Community College. Anyone have any ideas when I can expect a response?|||In about 2-3 weeks.